The Music Service Is Now TIDAL WiMP with Telenor

Music service WiMP, which Telenor distributes in Denmark, changes name and software out with TIDAL, but retain the price and music catalog.

If you like Telenor customer or just as a normal customer use of the option to subscribe to the music service, WiMP, you now have to get used to call the music service for TIDAL and take a new application in use. It writes Telenor in a press release.

WIMP goes for along with the existing music service, TIDAL, which is known for offering a subscription with uncompressed music in FLAC format and which have the musician Jay-Z as the main man behind the relaunch.

TIDAL is also the international edition of just WiMP, which are now being gathered into one and the same service.

As an existing customer you must continue to pay the same monthly amount of 79 dollars, just as it also is completely same music catalogue of 25 million songs that will be in TIDAL.

TIDAL also offers both Danish and international music editors as with WiMP. Here they will dig the new and old albums and playlists from the large music catalog to you.

“We are proud to have contributed to develop the music stream-the market in Denmark, since we launched the WiMP in 2010. Now we are taking the next step with a new, strong brand. The people behind the TIDAL has great ambitions to develop what is probably already is Denmark’s coolest music streaming service, and it is a clear strength in comparison to other music services that TIDAL runs forward with the Danish music editors, as WiMP-clients have been really excited, “ says Kåre Carlsen, Head of Digital Services in Telenor.

How it works the shift to TIDAL

The shift from WiMP to TIDAL works in such a way that you only need to use your usual login from WiMP, where your existing playlists and albums already ready.

You can continue to log in to the WiMP, but only until the end of the year. By switching over to TIDAL right away you get the latest updates to the music service, as there will be no more of the WiMP, tells Telenor.

You can download TIDAL for both Android in Google Play, iOS in the App Store and for Mac and Windows on the TIDALs website and take the music service in use in the new disguise.

Even if you’re not Telenor customer, you can easily subscribe to TIDAL. It costs only 99 dollars a month instead of 79 through Telenor, which also included a one-month free trial period.