The New Season of Adolfo Dominguez Has Very Good Pint

We are in August, but as you know, the brands begin to set their focus on the new season. With the heat we must go by choosing what we like between the various proposals and today are going to pass one that looks good by the brush strokes that have just released.

Adolfo Dominguez takes many seasons rejuvenating its brand image and offering interesting fashion consumer. His line “U”, the presence of Gala González and the risk has become the Spanish brand, a youthful and fresh choice. Be like his fall-winter 2013 / 2014?

Werner Schreyer stars in your campaign

Increasingly, brands are turning to legends from the world of men’s fashion or the arts to star in their campaigns. We have seen it in that railway bet Prada and now see it on Adolfo Domínguez with your choice of model and actor Werner Schreyer.

For those who do not know this Austrian born in the 1970s was an icon of fashion in the 1990s and since then has not stopped working model and actor.

In these strokes to see a work of tailoring pretty good, where neutral colors take prominence in our Cabinet. The mixture of textures seems also very interesting where fabrics such as wool or the cheviot (which we see in the first picture), coexist in a perfect way.

We see the search of a classic and elegant man but with some very innovative spots such as the presence of studied style that it make that we can mix the neck back with the blazer. It is a bet that takes several seasons trying to instill several brands and see if we can see his triumph in the next.

With regard to the Add-ins, We see minimalism, implemented by the major fashion weeks. Two-tone shoes and handbags for a man who works and which have to be loaded with different materials throughout the day why not do it in style?.

The truth is that you despite not being one of my reference when it comes to shopping stores, this advancement has opened to me the appetite for snacks (or at least discover the collection of about) this fall. What you think you?