The Operators Obliged to Release Free of Charge Mobile Phones Customers According to Consumption

The end of the blockade of operator terminals that companies offer their customers? This won’t be the first time that we speculate this possibility but again we have today a news us closer to the end of the time.

And it is that the national consumer Institute and the authorities of the autonomous communities that are responsible for the protection of the rights of consumers have issued a report in which claim that operators are forced to release clients terminals, have or does not finish his tenure.

The report comes to respond to a complaint by FACUA in January 2012 against Movistar, Vodafone, Orange and Yoigo by his words “sabotage” terminals These operators to deliver to their customers so that they can only be used with the own operator who delivers it.

The conclusions presented by the agency public it makes it very clear, and is that in addition to blocking the terminals considered abusive, concludes that while a client informed of the payments has the right to the free unlock of your device has been fulfilled or not stay, in case you have it.

Nonsense without subsidies

Out the terminal block is finished by declaring illegal or is prohibited by law that practice so you don’t have too much sense is that the terminals that the customers pay entirely, either in a lump sum or in installments, continue being blocked.

And this is not be the opinion of a server or many mobile phone users, but was back in September of last year the own Chairman of Telefónica in Spain, Luis Miguel Gil Perez, who raised the possibility of the Elimination of the blockade in the terminal which sells Movistar, something that has failed to materialize even.

Another story may be that the terminals are directly subsidized by the operator, as they continue to make Orange and certain virtual and partly the other operators, to maintain the blockade as a condition for receiving a terminal below their sale price free.