The Sales of BlackBerry Priv Arrived in February: Will Make Changing The Trend?

Recently, the economic performance of BlackBerry in the third quarter of 2015 were published. A few numbers as I discussed were still showing losses, even though they were lower than planned in part by sales of the BlackBerry Priv and benefits for its software products. But, has managed BlackBerry really recover with the Priv?

A few weeks ago we did echo of an interview that Fox Business was to its CEO John Chen. In it, as well as express satisfaction for the launch of their latest product, you dropped is not just with the Priv hybrids between Google and RIM. The House is built from scratch, or rather being rebuilt but first have to recover land, which reminded Chen to ReCode following the release of the latest results:

My first goal is to reach a balance in the market of terminals, because you can not do anything strategic with a business that still assuming losses.

It is logical that since the Canadian company is show cautious given results that have shown for years already, having had to reduce template several times. But what draws the attention precisely because that is the fact that this relative success in sales of its latest release has not featured too in press release.

Shelling the “success”

As already discussed, the sales had been lower than in the previous period, staying in 700,000 devices. But according to Venture Beat not only it is one minor figure, turns out to be the least amount of devices sold by company quarter. While we discussed that the average selling price had risen, it is noteworthy that despite the launch this negative record has been churning.

It is not known what percentage of those 700,000 devices are sales of the Priv (various sources indicate that it is precisely the number of sales of this model), but the fact is that it takes very little for sale (around a month) and that to date the company has sold altogether 2.5 million devices. This is just half of the annual average of the company according to Chen, and is somewhat unlikely by precedents that that amount will double in what is left of the quarter.

Question of price

As for sales of their latest release, one of the aspects that you can play against is the price. We have seen that the BlackBerry Priv left priced at launch nothing modest 779 euros in Europe, a sum which is situated over some range of competition stops. A price that can we see on sale in a few months, something dropped Chen analyst from RBC Capital Markets Paul Treiber.

They transmit on PhoneArena CEO response when asked in relation to the price and margins expected from the Priv during its life cycle. John explained that There would be a reduction of the price around February, thus coinciding with the MWC’16, moment in which several top terminals range of competition such as Samsung or HTC will be presented.

The difficult mission of the BlackBerry Priv

BlackBerry has 10 quarters followed by decreases in sales, It would be 16 if one takes into account the prior to the first quarter of 2014 in which there was a rise. Having been launched in November and released only in some countries, the hybrid flagship BlackBerry probably has not had time to emerge.

However, what is observed in this case is that the effect novelty or boom is not at the level of the competition even in the case of a product record. Not at least if compared with sales that have come to obtain other companies as Xiaomi at the launch of their terminals reaching 800,000 units a day, not to mention that Apple sold more than 700,000 terminals per day regularly.

As we have already said commenting the results, the company will continue betting on own software (not in vain represents an important part of income), and we saw that in their future plans include more terminals with Android. As with HTC, obviously from the companies are optimistic despite the long trends accumulating negative balances, but keep on like this sustainability could arrive before see future plans at least BlackBerry if you drop.