The ‘ Sport Chic´ with Which Salvatore Ferragamo We Want to Conquer The Next Spring-Summer 2014

The creative designer Massimiliano Giornetti, as we saw a few months ago, continues for a futuristic aesthetic in her latest collection. On this occasion, the gentleman from Salvatore Ferragamo for the next spring-summer 2014, find the balance between luxury and functionality in some sets of clear inspiration Sport. We found them!

Relax, It is a valid term to define this collection. In fact, on these lines, we have the more formal elements that were seen on the catwalk. The suit, flees from the stress of the office and consists of jackets, which sometimes hide their buttons, and the pants of complex structure.

Light blue, in several of their gradations, and green water, are two of the colors of this dynamic collection. The only picture, we find it in the form of large digits they don’t that emphasize the sporty character mentioned.

One of the highlights of this spring-summer 2014, is found in the set of zips and asymmetric closures the jackets in the collection make gala.

The fun continues capturing in jackets and clothing padded that play with the symmetry of the square. To make matters worse, the young athlete, and modern shoes sandals that combines with Leggings to contrast. Bermuda, flee slim pattern and shown with a generous width.

The White, Wild summer, is associated with all the colors of the collection: black, blue, Brown, green and orange. The latter Gets a special prominence and…

… becomes in fluorine to add even more strength and dynamism to the collection.

Massimiliano Giornetti, continues to surprise on his adventure with Salvatore Ferragamo. For the next spring-summer 2014, the firm relaxes and risks with a proposal Sport complex shapes and volumes. Too informal?