Thus Have Been Reorganized in Android Google Plank Cards: in Interests and Events

The Google Now cards they have been more than four years with us. Released in June 2012 with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, these cards have become for a large portion of users necessary.

During this time few changes has been Google cards. In a single list, the Google Wizard displays all of our cards of useful information such as weather, news, results, delivery orders, events or flights. All cards together, which already It was a challenge to keep up with so many card. Until now.

The Google Board is divided into two sections

To place order, the application of Google has begun to show the cards in two different sections. On the one hand we have all cards that allow you to stay up to date on the topics that interest us, in another section separately, we will have cards that allow us to keep pace with our day to day. This is the biggest change in the interface that suffers from the Board of Google (formerly Google Now) in four years.

These are the two tabs that very soon we will see in our bulletin board Google:

  • Updates section:: In this first tab we will find our cards interests, as the weather, sports, celebrities, news and entertainment. The view is dynamic, and will be constantly updated throughout the day. The more you use Google more relevant and personal will be this section.
  • Upcoming events: The second will be all ours personal information, with cards of quotes from our agenda, flights, bookings, tracking our orders and much more.

By default, Google will show our interests and current cards. At the bottom you will find tabs to switch to the new section of our event cards.

Thanks to this reorganization now we won’t have to be dodging cards news, articles and sports results to meet our personal events and reservations. Now with a simple look, we will see the events of the day that Google has created automatically on the basis of our emails from Gmail, Google Keep and Calendar.