Thus The Version Would Be The Samsung Galaxy Desktop S8, Another Step in The Fusion PC and Mobile

A long since smartphones are, increasingly more, handheld computers that allows us to not only use the basic functions of calls and messages, but attend our email, browse, play games with better graphics, photography, ultimately, more and more and more things.

One of the first steps of converting our mobile on a computer Microsoft has taken it with Continuum, which lets the phone work as base connected to a keyboard, mouse and monitor to use as the wearer, to greater or lesser extent, a computer to use. But Samsung, in its Galaxy S8, You also want to take a step in that direction in his own way.

Already commented yesterday about this new feature called Samsung Desktop Experience, that It would allow the smartphone is connected to a monitor, mouse, and keyboard (via bluetooth) to make it work in a way similar to a full computer (bridging the gap).

For now, there is a ‘concept’ (the image above all) showing could it be Desktop Experience when the Galaxy S8 is connected to an external monitor from Androbit, and shows an interface that, while it is adapted to a large screen, has many similarities with Touchwiz on Android Nougat.

2017, the year in which the concepts of computer and mobile are more United

This year could the start of a revolution in which the concepts of computer and mobile phone are more United than ever, and is, to begin with, we have to Andromeda forging, which could be the ‘desktop version’ of Android, Snapdragon 835 capacity of run Win32 apps that it will benefit Windows.

In addition, Samsung might not be the only one in opting to make a mobile phone based on a desktop PC, possibly other Android phones manufacturers are waiting for their moment, can that with the arrival of Andromeda, to present their proposals and compete to offer Microsoft and manufacturers using your operating system.

If both Andromeda as possible proposals from manufacturers have good reception, wouldn’t, dreaming of a near future, see as each, with your mobile once instead of work, you connect it to the monitor, it is matched with the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and put to work. The charger will also need, of course, because that drink is the battery that gives pleasure.

Even so, despite the revolution that can be expected, also We have to be patient, because probably notice the lack of some features, but also check the power that has to make to the companies working on it, we can enjoy them soon. Do you see with good eyes the growing closeness between a computer and a mobile phone?