Tig Launches Collection Presented in Spfw

After joining the lineup of SPFW with Parade “the metamorphosis”, TIG offers your bets for winter 17. The collection Never More is an offshoot of the walkways and is already available in stores, following the model see now, buy now.

Inspired by classics of world literature that explore the symbolism and Surrealism, in a dreamlike universe which of as strong enough to be about the real plan, the TIG found references to your debut on the runway.Tig Launches Collection Presented in Spfw 1

The dark punk mood permeates the entire process, which begins with the shape of insects in transparent tulle dresses and in applications in long silk dyed in gradient, fake fur and leather coats without seams. Bulky shapes with the use of bufantes sleeves and sequins embroidered in fabric that trickle down for parts remember Salvador Dalí.

The pattern Never More is separated by a zipper and the Raven is printed on velvet wet forming dresses and coats. Parts appear deconstructed, the wire, without finishing, like Sweatshirt tops of matelasse in lame, taffeta pants and skirts with military court. The asymmetry appears in miniskirts and dresses, as well as the slip dress, base of the overlays.Tig Launches Collection Presented in Spfw 2

Color chart follows black as black, purple and green with clear counterpoints that illuminate, as white and silver.

Among the accessories, are the maxi earrings and bracelets of insects developed in titanium with Swarovski stones by designer Bianca Bertoni. Here at Fashionruling.com  you can get more different models of the bracelets fashion.

The collection can now be found in the brand shops in São Paulo, Campinas and Rio de Janeiro, and also in your own e-commerce.Tig Launches Collection Presented in Spfw 3