TomTom Kicks Cardio + Music: Exercise in Focus [TEST]

TomTom has developed sports agency Kicks, also known as Runner 2, who master all the basics, but as drawers on the extraordinary.

When it comes to GPS-powered run-and fitnessure, it is just the two big navigation companies Garmin and TomTom, among the leading. In this time we have got hold of a product from giant TomTom that with Kicks (Cardio + Music) has created a motionsur that can follow you throughout your day and all your trainings.

Kicks Cardio is for a clock, designed to be worn all day long. It measures your activity 24/7, and you’ll get information about steps, calories burned as well as the number of waking hours.

But it is, however, on the actual sports-trackingen, that Kick is distinguished, and for basic measurement of, for example, running and cycling, it is a very fine product. But all that is in addition to it, yes it lags a bit after.

TomTom Kick is available in four different models, all of which are based on the same clock.

  • TomTom Kicks, which is the basic version to (900 dollars)
  • TomTom Kicks Cardio that includes built-in heart rate monitor (ca. 1,000 DKK)
  • TomTom Kicks Music, which has space for music (ca. 1,200 kroner)
  • TomTom Kicks Cardio + Music that has both built-in heart rate monitor and space for music (approx. 1,600 kronor)

We’ve got hold of the last version Kicks Cardio + Music, where aktivitetstracking, heart rate measurement and the ability for music playback will be melted together in a fine blend.

Derudver it should be mentioned that TomTom also make agency Runner 2, there seems to be a completely different product on their website, but which in fact it is quite the same product which just marketed differently.

It may sound a little confusing, and it also took us some time to figure out, but the important thing is just to know that when in the following review will be referred to Agency Kicks, then there are therefore both series TomTom Kicks Cardio + Music as well as TomTom Runner 2 Cardio + Music.


Type: Tomtom Kicks Cardio + Music
Size: 22 x 25 mm (screen), 13.7 mm (thickness)
Weight: 50 g
Battery life: Up to three weeks with alm. aktivitetstracking
Integrated sensors: Motion sensor (accelerometer + gyro) compass, optical pulse meter
Other: Waterproof to 40 m (5 ATM)
Price: Approx. 1,600 kronor

The clock in use

What is it for a square under the clock? Yes it was the first, as I wondered, when I for the first time took the Spark out of the box, only to quickly find out that it really is how to navigate around the clock.

Even though it’s so similar that there is only one big button for the clock, so it went up quickly for me, to the square block saves four buttons in it. In each side of the block, you can press down and you go so up, down, left, or right on the clock.

At first it may seem a little confusing, but after a little test back and forth, so the system is actually very good idea. Generally reacts quickly, and only reasonable clock a few times I have been out for, that it would not respond right away.

But when you look at the clock design, so do the navigation button nothing good at all, and the otherwise pretty sports watch will be incredibly clumsy to look at.

Of course is designed on a gps watch is not essential, but when there is talk of a timepiece, TomTom would you must go with all day long, so it doesn’t matter that it also looks nice.

There are two different sizes of straps to the watch, a small and a large, and for me with a reasonable normal size wrist, so it fits perfectly and it’s actually small boats easy to adjust and sits really well.

Immediately, I would like to say that the thong is one of the best I’ve tried in a sports watch, and it is actually incredibly comfortable to wear and sitting at the same time very firmly when you URf.eks. runs or swims with it on.

On battery side promises TomTom up to three weeks of life by plain aktivtitetsmåling, however, be shortened by GPS-use. In my case I got a lifetime of good 1.5 week with 3-4 løbetræninger on a weekly basis, which is fully approved.


What can it?

TomTom Sparks list of features is long, and it can follow you in disciplines such as running, cycling, swimming and fitness-training. In addition, measures the your daily activity, and in a menu gives you information about your daily and weekly number of steps, calories burned, active minutes/hours, etc.

For me, it’s not something that I weigh high on such a watch, but if you already tracker your activity throughout the day via either phone or fitness-bracelet as URf.eks. Fitbit, then you get so it all in one package here.

On the training portion, there is, as mentioned, several different training types, you can give you take on, and it’s easy to put the various exercises in time. The clock measures your workout just as you would expect it, and you can get information about your pace, your heart rate, the distance you have travelled, etc.

Within the different sports you can further choose different training types and whether the Agency needs to track a measure of your distance, a total time or URf.eks. interval training. Although I also tested both cycling and swimming feature, so it is primarily on the running portion that I have used the clock most, and here drawers Kicks are definitely not.

However, it makes it a bit on the swim portion in return. I have tested the function both in an outdoor and indoor pool, and not some of the time, it was able to measure the right number of courses. Kick gets plus points to be waterproof, but it is not something I’d recommend for swimming training.

How it works in practice

It’s easy to get started with an activity with TomTom Kicks. With a single tap on the right shows the menu for different exercise forms up, and from here you can choose the activity, program, lap length etc. The following example takes as its starting point in a jog outdoors.

When you have selected the desired application, and is ready to come off, however, you must just wait for the heart rate monitor is ready and GPS-signal is detected. The pulse will be registered immediately, while the signal from the GPS lets wait a little longer on it, yes it can actually take up to three minutes for it. In the meantime can we appropriate heating up a bit, and as soon as the watch is ready it vibrates on the wrist and the starting signal may sound.

Along the way you can read the numbers on the route for your current speed, heart rate and distance travelled, as well as by another vibration get your pace at every kilometer.
TomTom Kicks can also assist you by intervalløb, and also here is done so by a vibration of the wrist, that puts you in time for a specific time or distance.

The heart rate monitor is one of those things that works extremely well on Kick-Agency. It is very accurate, and are generally very quick to detect your heart rate. As mentioned, it is built into the watch, and you therefore do not wear any breast-strap for you to follow your heart beat.

Both in a normal race and intervalløb is Spark a really good running mate, and it is also easy to simultaneously put the clock on pause/start it again if you have to stop and to tie shoes or similar. All in all, there’s nothing to put a finger on along the way on the route, but when it comes to following the processing of your data, so there is little challenges for TomTom.

Mediocre software

When you’re done with your workout, you’ll get a short summary on the clock, where you can view the time, distance, gennemsnitsfarten, etc. Here, however, I lack the ability to be able to see the pace of the individual laps instead, since the average pace makes no sense at URf.eks. intervalløb.

So in order to get a more detailed review of your results, you can upload your results to the Tomtom application MySports that exists both as app for the phone and as a program on the PC.

The transfer to your computer goes smoothly, once you have installed the program, and you get quickly a fine overview of your training sessions. However, little information is sketchy and generally the interface pretty boring.

The same applies on the app to your phone, MySports that can show the same thing as pc-programme, but as not at all can approach the simplicity of the transfer.

When you want to upload your workouts to your phone, do as arm yourself with patience, and it often takes up to 2-3 minutes before the connection is established, and the activity can be transferred to the app.

When the wait is over, so is it time to look at your results, and even if you get the most basic information, so I still think that missing data of Max heart rate, the maximum pace and, in General, a better overview of your training sessions. In addition, the connection with your clock right swinging, and often smoke clock off and on while navigating around in the app.

The best thing about MySports programme is perhaps that it allows you to export training sessions to other sportsapps automatically. You can URf.eks. put Endomondo as one of these, and direct view your workout in their app instead.

Oddly enough so that gives you some of the information, Endomondo has just missed at the Tomtom app, so the data is, therefore, been intercepted on Kicks, but it is apparently initially by the use of an external app, that one can be allowed to view them. It is not quite good enough.

Below you can see a comparison of TomTom MySport and Endomondos overview of a run.

The music player is not completely

Agency we have tested is called Kicks Cardio + Music, and thus has 3 GB dedicated space for music, as TomTom promises can hold up to 500 songs that you can transfer from either a CD or bought music in iTunes, while, however, follows a pre-loaded jogging mix with You listen to the music via. a pair of bluetooth headphones, which can be purchased from TomTom to additional 400 pounds more.

The idea of including the music portion of the watch is really good, and are you happy to hear tones while you exercise, then Kicks, in theory, agency that can get you to let mobile or other music player at home.

I say however, in theory, because in practice, so the story is somewhat different. The clock has the right hard to maintain connection to bluetooth headsetet during races, and several times either scratchy or smoking connection.

In addition, most also listen to their music at streamingtjenester such as Spotify, so having to put music from computer onto a physical clock, yes it is both a bit old fashioned and also incredibly cumbersome.

There shall be added the almost impossible check of songs on the clock, and even though you select “play” or “shuffle”, then it’s the same songs that are played in the same order, without the ability to fast-forward, rewind or pause.

TomTom must, however, be commended for trying to create the complete product, and they have also laid the Foundation for it. In my eyes, there is a lack of ability, for example, to be able to transfer offline music with Spotify, a better management of the played music and no outages in the bluetooth connection, so that it is perfectly at home.

Conclusion-be content with the functional

Until now, it may well sound like that which is most negative to say about TomTom Kicks, but it is not quite true. In the vast majority of cases liver Kick all the way up to the expectations of a sports and training computer, and especially on the basic elements are performing agency job satisfactorily.

It is only when we reach the extra features like MySports app, music playback and the General look of the user interface and the agency that the criticism is to find.

Therefore, I will definitely recommend the version called TomTom Kicks Cardio who has the basic watch with a built-in heart rate monitor, but do not have music feature. The heart rate monitor is one of the things that works really well on TomTom Kicks, while the possibility of music playback can easily be dispensed with.

TomTom Kicks Cardio can right now available to about 1,000 dollars and is thus one of the only watches of this class, which boasts to be waterproof, have built-in heart rate monitor and so many different training possibilities at one and the same time-perhaps the best beginner triathlon watch right now.

All this helps to make TomTom Kick clearly advisable, and certainly one of the better sport watches on the market.