Trench Coat Female: How to Use? 105 Modern Looks

For those who like to create stylish looks for winter, it is worth investing in trench coat.This piece is a real joker for days of cold, because it can be used in various combinations and different ways.Let’s know more about this trend?

What is?

The trench coat was created during World War I with the goal of protecting British soldiers from the cold and rain during the battles.Its creator, Thomas Burberry, gave this name in reference to the trenches (holes dug by the soldiers to enter and to hide of the attacks of the enemies).

At that time these jackets were usually seen below the knees and made with gabardine fabric.

However, over the decades, many variations of the model, above the knees, appeared of cotton, wool, leather , knitting, in short, a vastness of fabrics.

It has become a key piece in the coldest countries and here in Brazil it can be a fashion option as winters tend to have lower and lower temperatures!

From JACKETPANEL, one of the benefits for the female body is that the trench coat does the times of a jacket, blazer or even dress and in addition, using it closed, with or without belt, helps to shape the silhouette.

The truth is, if it’s cold, the trench coat can come out of the closet to form
Awesome looks!

How to use?

Have a trench coat in the wardrobe or want to buy one but have no idea how to use it? Enjoy it because the good news is that it is ultra versatile!

We select the various pieces that can be combined with a trench coat, come with us to see:


This type of jacket looks beautiful with jeans , leggings, pants in tailoring … wow, you will see that you can use creativity and leave beautiful and warm on a winter day.

The jeans are also versatile as are the trench coats, so you’ve seen that combination works, right?The best are the skinny ones!

But nothing prevents you from creating creative looks with a boyfriend pants , for example!

Dare with lighter pants, boyfriend or mom type and destoyed style too!

Coats trench coats are great to wear with legging because, because they are long, cover the butt, ideal for this type of pants.

The trench coat is already fancy by itself. With pants on tailoring it goes beyond the bill!


If you want to warm up looks with skirts , whether short, midi or round, evasé , godê , pencil or other model, choose the trench coat for this mission!

He will be a great alliance for outings and ballads in the winter!

How about a combination like that for a day’s work look?


Trench coat with dress gets super charming.The short dresses look better, leaving the legs out.

Thus, you can wear with pantyhose or without, if the day is half season.

You can even “pack” in a short dress, wearing socks, boots and another warm blouse underneath … Or you can invest in the trench coat to make a short dress look for that ballad!

Trench coat used as dress

Have you ever thought of wearing the trench coat as a dress? It can also get super stylish that way!

It is only you to close it with the buttons and with a belt – many have their own belt, the same fabric.

This type of jacket is usually warm and sometimes heavy.So to wear it as a dress it is best that you are doing a cold weather.

Over the knee boots combine a lot with a trench coat made of dress.They give more style to the look!

Top Croppeds

We have spoken several times here in Tudo com Fashion that croppeds have taken care of all types of looks .They are very democratic and can be worn with trench coat too!

You can combine trench coat with cropped + pants or skirts.There is no bad weather!


It seems a bit crazy, right?But learn that fashion is all adaptable, and with style, any look can look stylish!

It can be short jeans, leather, tailoring.Everything will depend on your creativity to produce.

High waist and even destroyed jeans shorts break the sophistication that the trench coat gives to the look and give a more relaxed air.


As we said above, the over the knee or cuissard boots, another name for them, look perfect in trench coat looks.

However, any other boot may be part of the production.Short boots, leather or fabric … and even ankle boots!

A nice tip to choose a LUXURY shoe to compose the look!So, when the jacket is closed (using it as a dress, for example), the shoe will be in evidence!

Trench coach’s Photos

Now that you’ve discovered several types of combinations you can do with trench coats, see more photos to inspire you!

Enjoy the tips, as soon as the cold tightens and you will already have beautiful ideas of how to raze the streets and events.

And so, did you enjoy knowing more about this piece that promises to leave any little girl warm for the winter?

One last tip: if you bought a trench coat and it got longer or longer, take it to fit a dressmaker to suit your measurements Kisses!