TV 2 Play Lose Opportunity for AirPlay

Rightholders stops the possibility of viewing television 2 Play on Apple TV already from next week.

Have you TV 2 Play on your iPhone or iPad and used it with an Apple
TV, which for many has meant higher yields of their TV 2 Play

So is this sorry before long past. Who writes TV 2 Play in a
email to their subscribers who have used the AirPlay feature on
their iOS device.

The reason why the possibility of AirPlay stops is that rights holders
instructs TV 2 Play to close for AirPlay feature.

-“All programs that are available on TV 2 Play produced by
Studios and production companies. These rights holders determines
how their programs must be used. A large part of the right-holders
will not, unfortunately, allow their programs to run with
Airplay feature via the Apple TV, “is how it sounds in the mail from TV 2

It will therefore no longer be possible to play via AirPlay from
Tuesday, September 11. June 2013.

Working on another solution

There are probably many who make use of the option for playback of TV 2
Play on your Apple TV, therefore working TV 2 also on another solution.

-“We believe AirPlay is a cool feature and we are very sorry that that
had to remove it. Therefore, we are working on, finding another solution,
that fully replaces AirPlay solution. And we know it is a matter of urgency-as
We are working quickly. In the meantime, we can unfortunately not do anything other than
regretting the inconvenience and hurry, “such an ending message.

When a second solution, however, is ready remains to be seen.