Twitter Improve Safety-While Still Too Easy to Hack

The social network Twitter is fine to hack, therefore they are trying now to improve security with two-factor login. Read more here.

There has recently been a series of attacks against the social network Twitter, which has led them to introduce two-factor autenficering. Here the user must, in addition to its normal phone number also enter a six-digit code, which is sent via SMS. This makes it harder to hack Twitter accounts. It writes our site.

However, security experts have already found the methods, which can bypass the extra security.

After the attack against the news agency AP a few weeks ago, Twitter was forced to react. Here was AP’s Twitter account abused by spreading a false story about a bomb attack against the White House.

Security firm F-Secure has also tested the safety of Twitter and notes to cheat their way through with “SMS spoofing”, since Twitter offers you can send and receive tweets per SMS. Send an SMS with the word “stop” is removed that particular mobile number from Twitter – which also means two-factor-autenficering will be disabled.

So, the attacker knows the mobile number to his victim, then removed the new extra safety only with an SMS.