Visa Makes It Easy to Apple for The Integration of Its Payment Platform in IWallet

For those who do not believe in coincidences, a few 24-hour difference between the rumor of Apple negotiations with credit card companies and the announcement by Visa of the creation of Visa Digital Solutions, a package of standards, tools and services to convert any device connected to the Internet “in a safe vehicle for trade”, cannot be more timely.

“Manufacturers of smart phones can be loaded safely a Visa account on a device, merchants can directly integrate Visa payment functionality on their mobile applications and financial institutions can offer mobile and online payments as part of their mobile banking applications.” said Sam Shrauger, senior Vice President of Visa Inc. during the presentation.

Visa Inc. announced in the middle of month it was abandoning its ambitions for a digital portfolio claiming that most consumers simply did not understand the concept. Shrauger said then the importance of focusing on absolute simplicity When making payments. Something about what Apple sure that has something to say.

“Forget all the trappings, no use digital portfolio for this or that. “Just give me a way to pay online and mobile with my digital cards is as easy as it is in the physical world”

With Visa Digital Solutions, company committed to give support to the new payment methods emerging from own manufacturers of devices with a token-based technology that you replace the 16 digits of our card that allow us to Transact without sharing sensitive data from our account. These tokens are stored directly on the mobile, and in the case of Apple, will not you miss us nothing to go caught hand Touch ID system and the the chip A7 safe enclave and future Apple devices.

Visa aims to give support to the new payment methods emerging by own device manufacturers

Putting into perspective the possible agreement between Apple and Visa, press release published by the latter points out that estimates for 2014 atop the 114,000 million dollars transactions made with mobile devices only in the United States, of which two-thirds will take place in tablets and rest in mobile. According to the latest data from IDC, the iPad still staying in first position with 26.9% market.

Samsung keeps them in second place with 17.2%, being the only player besides the Apple with a double-digit share. Visa is already working with the Koreans so the agreement with Apple, already given by signed according to sources of The Information is simply a matter of math.