Vodafone and Orange Ask The CMT That Obliged a Movistar a Share Their Vertical FTTH

The vertical sections of deployments of fibre to the home they are probably the most important, they are those who do finally get fiber to homes inside and because every single building usually have a vertical display.

Hence its importance and that Vodafone and Orange have asked the CMT urgently requiring Movistar to bargain on this share this section before the initial denial of the operator to reach an agreement with their rivals, which It could put at risk the alternative deploying.

When Vodafone and Orange submitted their plans to reach six million homes and offices with their own fibre optics already made us know that after months of discussions with Movistar they failed to reach an agreement to share the vertical, I remember that if you get the historical operator Jazztel.

Compulsory but without conditions

Movistar is obliged to reach an agreement that its competitors put a deadline to achieve it on June 1, albeit apart from the obligation to the WCL has never established that terms have to move the agreement, if a rental or sharing of deployments.

The agreement reached by Movistar and Jazztel contemplated that the latter would and half million homes where still does not Movistar to not overlap and in fact the alternative is already looking for homes that reached in Seville, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona. That if the CMT has already asked the modification of one of the points of this agreement to prohibit the resale of third-party access.

Reach a similar agreement with Vodafone and Orange oblige these to take your deployment to less profitable areas economically than the already deployed by Jazztel, and Movistar so it could be opting for an agreement that provides for the payment of a rent for using the vertical.

Now remains to be seen that measures take the CMT since it seems difficult to make any decision that contain you both parties without harming the advantage acquired by Movistar for having been the first to bet for a broad deployment of FTTH and without delaying the deployment of Vodafone and Orange, which would harm competition in a segment where Movistar dominates with more than 90% of market share.