Vodafone Callya In The Practice Test: German Prepaid Card Than Travel SIM

Feel abroad like at home with callya: with this slogan, Vodafone advertises its prepaid card. This means: as long as you keep up with the SIM in an EU country, including minutes, including SMS and data volume as well as in Germany shall apply. Other providers already offer Smartphone tariffs, which calls the customer free of charge in other EU countries, texting or surfing can. But the Callya map is the only prepaid card, when really all conditions in the respective country shall apply. Advantage of to cheap prepaid SIM in the travel destination: the Callya card is not set to a single country, should serve also for a Europe tour. By the way: also the non-EU members Iceland and Norway but not Switzerland include the EU tariff with Vodafone. But how well does it really work? Our site has a Callya SIM on the journey from Germany to France to Italy and back tested.

Step 1: the Callya ticket

Straight who seeks only a SIM card for the holiday, often shuns the money for an expensive starter with the SIM card. Advantage Callya: For a long time, Vodafone offers a free Callya free pass. That is easy to order postage-free through the our website, in the test, she was already sent out the following day and ended up after a few days in the mailbox. Good: The SIM comes in the 3-in-1 format, one piece pre-cut plastic you can remove either a SIM in the Nano -, micro -, or old so-called mini-sized. Alternatively there are also immediately to take in any Vodafone shop Callya start packages.

Step 2: buy credits and download

Factory comes the Callya ticket only with a credit of one single cent. You must recharge credit so they use at least one day prior to arrival. The minimum charge is €15, recharge codes is available in newsagents, supermarkets, and many kiosks. To recharge, it calls a service number from your mobile phone with the inserted card and typing the recharge code. Shortly thereafter, the credit balance is topped up. Once sufficient credits on it, Vodafone the basic fee of 9.99 euros (for four weeks) for the preset tariff callya Smartphone deducts special. After the credits is a 15-euro charge only at 5.02 euros. Attention: In the test, it took around 12 hours, until the tariff was effective and also in the area of the customer or in the app my Callya was displayed. Only when an SMS announces the activation of the tariff (you can now use your tariff), access to the Internet via data flat works. Therefore, it is important to take care of the charge on the day before the trip. Also the card must be used for the first time in Germany, before she goes abroad.

Callya Smartphone tariff special

The default rate is a good choice for normal users who both surf and make phone calls and send SMS: for 9.99 euros to get LTE speed for a period of four weeks 200 free unit (minute or SMS), as well as 750 megabytes ungedrosseltes volume included. Calls and SMS within the German Vodafone network does not charge the quota. Through the Web portal or simple that my Callya can app already to start a tariff change to a pure data package make (about 2 GB for 19.99 euros), effective to the Exchange but only from the fifth week.

Step 3: EU overseas roaming allow

After crossing the boundary to an EU country free units and data packages apply there as well as at home. In the test, the SIM immediately at the Paris Airport and later in Italy worked smoothly. Simply adds the used data volume in all EU countries. However, you must allow data roaming in the settings of your smartphone (mostly under cellular or mobile data), otherwise the phone refuses to connect to the Internet. Important: to exclude a future cost trap about when travelling outside the EU, it is necessary the setting after returning back make.

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Step 4: buy data volume

In the present case the SIM was used to share photos via whatsapp at home with the family, to retrieve emails and Internet news and on the way to navigate by map and car Navi app. Wi-Fi did not exist virtually always receive, often even with LTE site in the mountains of Piedmont practically, for it. After five days, the volume of 750 megabytes was used up. Practical: Vodafone offered at once buying to 250 megabytes for 2.99 Euro via SMS, what was possible after a tip on the Internet link in the SMS without another password. (This works only, if it is via the Vodafone card on the Internet, so if necessary only after switching off Wi-Fi). Tip for frequent surfers: optional, about 2 gigabytes are also possible, data for EUR 19.99.

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Step 5: after the return

Who wants to not take advantage of the tariff in Germany and prevent that even without using more basic costs, has two options: either he is the tariff of prepaid card via the meincallya app (for the login at home if necessary Wi-Fi just off, since automatically login the app only for Internet connection via the Vodafone network) callya talk & text to the base fare. Because who comes from no fee, every conversation minute and SMS costs 9 cents. Either way: the balances already fell below the basic price for the Smartphone special rate of 9.99 euros and you have not activated the automatic charging, the tariff can be not book. No reason so there costs. The base fare is also interesting, if one wants to use a pure data package from abroad: on request you can surf options between 250 megabytes (€4.99) and 2 gigabyte (19.99 EUR) to the basic tariff book.

Tip: recharge credits in foreign

Who wants to top up his credits from abroad, get even better in Germany call-now – top-up cards. You can redeem even while on vacation. Alternatively, you can set up at home even a charge by account debit or credit card. Caution: When automatic charging, you lose the cost control.

Phone from Portugal to France

Vodafone customers need to be aware of a feature: the Elimination of roaming charges applies only to incoming and outgoing calls at the travel destination and to Germany as well as for SMS and for browsing. A phone call from Portugal to France, for example, is not included and cost extra as a call from Germany to Italy.

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Who rarely uses his mobile phone abroad in the EU, is in the fare product calculators by Our site cheaper prepaid plans. With these customers pay currently still roaming charges in foreign countries, for use in Germany is cheaper. Until 2017, roaming charges within the European Union for all tariffs to fall away quite.