We Already Have Confirmation Officer of The BlackBerry Priv, The First Terminal of The Company with Android

Our suspicions were much more than that after large quantity (and quality) of leaks that have been coming us this Terminal since a few months ago was started to talk about that there are projects from the Canadian company with Android. Today BlackBerry confirms that effectively launching the finally call BlackBerry Priv is among their future plans.

The company announced both this ad some clarification of their plans regarding after becoming public profit per share (EPS) in the second quarter of the year (Q2) Prosecutor, which is 0.13 dollars, falling 0.04 dollars below what analysts expected. John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry, He has shown confidence by some data as the sixth consecutive quarter of positive free cash flow (free cash flow).

What met as Venice will be Priv

Apart from the economic data, has spoken of his plans expansion at the level of software, which we have seen with the acquisition of companies, and the express confirmation, as we said, of the BlackBerry Priv, name that leaked as it usually does the account of @evleaks a few days ago, and that it is indeed the terminal with Android operating system:

Today I can confirm our plans for the launch of Priv, an Android device in the hands of BlackBerry with the primary mission of protecting the privacy of our customers. Priv combines the best of the safety and productivity of BlackBerry with the expansion of the Android ecosystem and its applications.

As it could not be otherwise, the CEO clarifies the contribution of BlackBerry with regard to Security, specialty of the company, without leaving aside the projection probably involving both terminal and the company including Android as an operating system.

At the moment there is no more information about the terminal, both about the release date (is expected to make it to November) as the price and features. But given the level of leaks that have been going on is we become to the idea both the appearance and operation of this device.