Xiaomi Gives Clues about Your Event Next Thursday, Will See a My White Mix?

The year has just begun, but the current technology gives no truce. In just a few days will start the show CES, one of the most important technological events that, every year, held in Las Vegas. Xiaomi has already confirmed that it will be one of the attendees of this event and they have used to go started with a Tweet that would be referring to one of its products this year Star: Xiaomi my Mix.

Xiaomi my Mix was the absolute surprise of the last major event of Xiaomi, so that fellow’s presentation, Xiaomi Mi Note 2, was almost overshadowed. Design without just frames of this terminal left no one indifferent, and now the brand could be planning to launch a white color of the same model version.

A mysterious ‘teaser’, but revealing

Xiaomi has taken advantage of the days leading up to your event on Thursday, January 5 to launch a tweet with the intention of engines for the release that are preparing, but logically not say nothing at all clear. It is what is known as a ‘teaser’.

#MiCES2017 – 4 days to our 2017 CES Mi Product Launch! It ‘ s going to be an exciting Mix of tech breakthroughs! Thoughts on announcement? our site/3ev3sHUGUe

— Mi (@xiaomi) January 1, 2017

In the text Xiaomi tells us that are a few days for your presentation at CES and that it will be a “Mix” of technological advances. The fact that have placed “Mix” in capital letters already gives us clues on the topic of the presentation, which would not be other than the Mix my Xiaomi.

There are tracks from a possible international launch of its product star, Although seeing that so far they have released batches rather limited, everything indicates that the manufacture of the device is not ready to meet global demand. However, if we look at the picture accompanying the message, we see that the shots could aim in a quite different direction.

Xiaomi play mixing “Black” and “White” interspersed with the letters in each word. In October they already presented the model in black, which is the one currently on sale, that would leave the white model for a possible announcement at CES. In addition, if we consider that My white Mix already leaked before, all indications are that this would be one of the ads planned for next Thursday. In a few days we will leave doubts.