ZTE in CES 2017: a Blade V8 Pro No Surprises and a Kickstarter Campaign

The Chinese manufacturer ZTE has already given your ride by the CES in Las Vegas this year, and it has done so by presenting two novelties in the form of smartphones that, at least one of them is mid-range, while the other is at the moment a mystery that could not see the light.

On the one hand we have the ZTE Blade V8 Pro, a smartphone range mean that it boasts, at least for now, of the double world’s most economical camera terminal. On the other hand we have the ZTE Hawkeye that they intend to bring forward a Kickstarter campaign and that it stands for can be controlled with the eyes and can stick to walls.

ZTE Blade V8 Pro, surprising but little economic

It seems that ZTE want to book on their terminals more attractive and powerful for the MWC, but it neither wants to stay out of a fair as important as the CES in Las Vegas, which have brought that, according to the Chinese manufacturer, is the mobile phone with dual camera back cheaper in the world.

The inside of this phone a Snapdragon 625, an Octa-core 2 GHz, accompanied of 3 GB RAM and a 32 GB expandable storage with up to 128 GB microSD cards. As for your screen, follows the trend include a size of 5.5 inch with FullHD resolution.

The more differential part of this phone is its double rear camera with two sensors of 13 MP It allows to play with the blurs and, to assist in the lighting, coming with dual LED flash. The front camera is more standard, considering this a resolution of 8 MP. To keep alive this Blade V8 Pro account with a battery of 3.140 mAh.

In terms of software, we will have to comply with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow under the layer of personalization of the manufacturer. With a starting price of 229,98 dollars It is situated between smartphones economic, though for now only shown in United States from January 18 pending that confirmed his arrival in Europe.

ZTE Hawkeye, the Kickstarter project

ZTE Hawkeye is the name that the community decided to give to this mobile and you have two characteristics that distinguishes it from others. To start, It is possible to scroll using the eyes, a capability that already incorporate long terminals such as the Samsung, and soon after, other manufacturers, to scroll in web pages or move a photo to another.

The other feature is that You can adhere to other surfaces, such as mirrors or walls. From ZTE say that this housing is removable to prevent it from being annoying in other situations. Moreover, their specifications are, mostly, a mystery.

It is only known that your screen will be of 5.5 inch with FullHD resolution, It will own one 16 MP camera with Aperture f/1.8, a 26 mm lens and an LED flash dual-tone. Yet or your processor or their memories, is not known although storage that would be expandable. The number of your battery is not known.

This terminal can be booked for $199, which includes adhesive housing, and sent world anivel from September with shipping if you’re outside of the United States. This will only become effective if the campaign is successful, by now have raised about $14,500, being its goal $500,000 up to within 44 days.

The reason that ZTE has decided to open a Kickstarter campaign to get this phone rather than present it without more is, like many of its specifications, a mystery, and may need more than just a control with eyes and sticking a limpet-like the walls to draw attention.